Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Somebodys watchin me…

So I am a red-haired white-skinned guy in a predominantly “not as white as me” culture. And when I arrived in Bolivia seven months ago I really felt the eyes on me. I could feel people looking at me as I walked down the street and thinking “What is that red-haired white-skinned dude doing here?”

Then some time went by and it passed. For a very long time now I have been able to walk down the street and not really feel or notice any eyes staring me down.

Until this happened…

Until the red-haired white-skinned dude starting holding hands with a brown-haired dark-skinned Bolivian girl. Hi there eyes. I missed you. I really feel the eyes on me when Paola and I walk down the street together. They look at her. They look at me. And they probably think “What is that red-haired white-skinned dude doing holding hands with that brown-haired dark-skinned Bolivian girl?”

I am not saying that it bothers me. I am just saying that I can feel the eyes again. Paola and I have talked about it. We are comfortable with the difference in our skin color. I probably think about it more than her.

For me what I like is that it is a simple statement of how great our God is. For me it reminds me that our God is bigger than cultural differences.
He is bigger than skin color.
He is bigger than any obstacle that comes our way.

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