Friday, July 04, 2008



Olympus - Digital Voice Recorder

Another first today here in La Paz.

I had the first thing ever stolen from me in La Paz. I was stupidly walking with my backpack on the main drag of the city around midday. It was very crowded with people. My friend Pablo was walking with me.

He started to sense that someone was following us. And we stopped and turned around and looked at this guy and he left.

So as we walked a little further we realized that the back pocket of my backpack was open. Oh man.

Someone had opened my back pocket while we were walking and stolen my digital voice recorder from my backpack. My $84 very nice digital voice recorder that my boy Chris bought me before I left. Granted I had not used it very much but still. It feels so frustrating to have something taken from you.

And now as we sit and think about how it all went down I know exactly what happened. It was three people working together. Two girls walked in front of me and blocked my path on the sidewalk and I was forced to stop. And at that moment I think the dude opened my backpack and took the recorder.

Oh well. Big time lesson learned about how I walk with my backpack on these streets and about what I will carry in my backpack. I have a small pocket on the top part of my backpack where my IPOD was and I just thank God that they did not take that.

I am really sad to lose the digital recorder because my friend shelled out some cash for that but to lose my IPOD and the music on my IPOD that keeps me going would have really crushed me and made me cry.

Happy 4th of July!

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