Saturday, May 31, 2008

Desktop Wallpapers

Ok. A new addition to my page.
So you know I work in marketing, right?
And I am always trying to think up new things.
And what is one thing that missionaries always send you?
That's right...prayer requests.

Well I have prayer requests too.
And my idea was to take a really cool photo that I have taken and my prayer requests and mix them with something that you look at alot.
That's right...your computer screen.

So there are now desktop wallpaper prayer cards for you to download on the right. There are three screen resolutions to choose from. First, click the photo normally and then you will be taken to another page where you can right click the larger image to save it and add it as your desktop wallpaper.

Mom and Dad just call me if you are having trouble.
Help me spread the word everybody!

BIG BIG props to my boy Camaal for designing this for me. He was my amazing designer at the Alliance Theatre and I just praise God that he used his gift to help me on this one.

Here is a little bit larger image so you can an idea of the wallpaper...Enjoy.

Women wrestling sweeps Bolivia

Ok. I now know my next outing in La Paz. Warren and Adam. How did we miss this when you were here??? It's no WWF Smackdown but still...

Friday, May 30, 2008

Roll Call

Friday, May 30th at 4 p.m.
The bullpen. La Paz. Bolivia.
Four people sitting around a table working to advance the kingdom of Christ and thinking up ways to better serve the children at-risk here in Bolivia.

Roll call:

On the left with the hoodie…
Wara “The Brain” Mendez.
Systems Engineer extraordinaire. Working with us now. Making things happen like crazy and a big time help to me. She has a great marketing eye. Really really super smart girl. (And she probably would not like that I put this photo online but she doesn't know so it is cool)

Straight ahead at the end of the table…
Pablo “The Jefe” Molina.
Our boss. The visionary. When we talk about big picture things together we get emotional. Someone who has a huge heart for Christ and for his home country of Bolivia. He keeps us going in God’s direction.

On the right…
Erlan “The Glue” Gonzales.
One of the smartest guys I have met. At 28 years old he is a truly amazing leader and he holds everything together. A worker and a pastor like you would not believe and he keeps us laughing. I still don’t get all the jokes yet but oh well.

And behind the camera…
Curt “The Gringo” Little. Just a white guy seeking to find his place in this new world where God has called him. A marketing professional who is starting to realize that there is not a better product to market in the entire world than the kingdom of Christ.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eric Bauer

So I know you see all of these photos of Bolivia that I upload and you are like, "Wow. What an amazing photo. Curt should be a photographer not a marketing consultant for ministries working with at-risk kids."


Well a friend recommended I check out this site for Eric Bauer. A real live professional photographer living here in Bolivia. Check it out if you have some time and want to see some real shots of this country and people that have captured my heart.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Water into Wine

I am in the midst of revival in my heart. I feel the presence of the Spirit right now more than I ever have. What happened. Like a week ago I seriously felt farther away from God than ever. I was losing big time. And now…now I feel like I can’t lose.

I am experiencing God’s presence right at this moment and I never want to be apart from Him. I can’t imagine my life without Him. I think I mentioned that a church here in La Paz is having worship services every night this week simply because they sense God moving and they cannot stop. They don’t want to stop. They are so in the Spirit. And I am witnessing miracles happen right in front of me. A friend of mine’s niece was healed this week. No joke. This is not some TV thing where you are skeptical about the person being healed or not. This really happened. She has worn glasses for a while and during a service this past weekend someone was praying for healing and her eyes were healed. Just like that. Now she CAN’T see with her glasses on. She can only see with them off. Amazing. And I have heard God praised in three languages at once this week. The band was singing “How Great Thou Art” in Spanish, I was singing in English and my friend from Egypt was singing in Arabic. Again. Amazing.

God led me to begin reading John yesterday and I read Ch. 2 today. The story of Jesus turning water into wine. I read the story this morning but I read it again tonight and it was totally different. It was like I was reading it with different eyes or something. In the midst of His presence tonight God told me that He wants to turn water into wine in my life. In fact, He HAS turned water into wine in my life. I am…correction…I WAS the empty barrel of wine at the wedding. Empty and done for. And He has taken the empty barrel and filled it full. Full of choice wine. He has “saved the best till now.” Oh Father. Thank you for your presence. Never go away. Always save the “best till now” in my life. Constantly.

Father, I desire a godly wife. A wife that is in love with You. A wife who opens the Bible and says “Check this out.” But I also want to maximize my singleness for You. I have less distractions and worries since I am single. I do not have to worry about providing for a family right now. I want a relationship but help me maximize my opportunities to serve and glorify You when it is just You and I. I can do so much for You right now.

Help me to focus on what I can do for you and not what I think You NEED to do for me.

Written earlier this evening during a worship service in La Paz, Bolivia.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008


God is doing amazing things this week. In fact, I dare say that this past week I have felt closer to God than ever before here in Bolivia. I am just saying that God is moving. There is one church here that just started meeting in a new space with their youth and the presence of God is so strong that they are having worship events every night this week. They don't want to stop praising. I will be there tonight. And, personally, I have seen some real fruit this week and, once again, God knew exactly what I needed when I needed it.

I know that it is no coincidence that this has been one of my best weeks here. About a week ago I seriously surrendered everything that is going on here to God. Seriously. I mean like really getting up every morning and saying, “God. I cannot do this. Please show up on my behalf today.”

And believe me…when you pray that prayer God shows up. It’s like He is waiting to hear us say that.

Some amazing fruit this week. Real progress with the team that I am working with here. We put all of our projects on paper and it is like 30 projects. Crazy. But we have a plan and we are prioritizing and it feels great.

Also, I think I have mentioned before that I have been working with a Foundation in El Alto called Adulam. They minister to youth with addictions and they were in need of new brochures and bookmarks to promote what they are doing. I met with them and worked with a designer to get it done. And today we are sending the brochures and the bookmarks to the printer.

I know it sounds like a simple project and I did these projects every day back in the states but you don’t understand. Here it means so much more. Here one project being completed feels like 10 projects in the states. I just praise God that He has allowed me to see some visible, tangible fruit.

To use my marketing background, the skills He gave me, to help advance His kingdom is quite possibly one of the best feelings I have ever had in my life.

Here are the brochures and bookmarks so you can see the fruit also. The brochure is a tri-fold and it is hard to get an idea of exactly what it is like from these images but you get the idea. We did brochures and bookmarks in English, Spanish and Dutch.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

New Videos

Two new videos are looping on Curt TV.

But you can also check them out by:

Clicking the "On Demand" button above
Then click new VOD Folder
Then click new Storyboard

The two new videos are at the top...
Curt Update (May 2008) - basic video update sharing what's going on
Worship Songs (Take One) - me sharing a few tunes that are keeping me fueled


Friday, May 23, 2008

A New Old Toy

So besides good times and good friends Adam and Warren brought me my trumpet. For those who don't know...I played the trumpet in high school and college. And it has sat on the shelf or in a closet for a good bit of time since.

But I just felt like I wanted to play it again. Thanks mom and dad for having it basically restored. Playing a few notes helps me relax here in La Paz.

Who knows.
Maybe there is a trumpet recital in your future on Curt TV.

Ouch. My lips hurt.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

I love God.

I love how whenever I really need Him He is always there to pick me up. These last few days have been a truly great example of that rescue and I have really felt His presence. I surrendered to Him some things that I was trying to control and when I did that...things just started to fall into place.

I am just continuing to realize how much importance I place on getting things done. WHAT I accomplish is extremely important to me.

And every single time I get frustrated by this God shows me that HOW I accomplish things is way more important than WHAT I accomplish. HOW I love people is the real key not WHAT I check off the list.

I think in my mind I am hoping to come back to the states in December and stand up in front of people and say…”Wow. Look at all these things we accomplished for God this past year. What a great first year in Bolivia.”

And although that is important I really think that God wants me to get up in front of people and say…”Wow. Look at all these people that God loved through me this past year in Bolivia. Isn’t He great.”

I am changing my perspective. I am starting to not focus as much on the things that I haven’t done here…I am starting to just stop and praise God for the things that He has already done here…the things that I have already been a part of in five months. Focusing on what needs to be done is very important but I think, for me at least, sometimes I just focus too much on that. And I want to pause more and thank God for what He has already done. Because He has done some amazing things.

I encourage you…you might be struggling right now with all the things that need to be done but please just take a few moments to stop and praise God for what He has already done in your life. When I get frustrated here in La Paz it is simply because I am trying to be in control. And when I get to a low enough point I realize that God is in control. And then I surrender control to Him and amazingly enough the joy and peace return to my life.

I have gotten used to joy and peace in my life.
And I miss them when their gone.

Welcome back joy and peace.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Sit. Stay. Good God.

First let me just say that I had an amazing experience yesterday at church and I was able to share some heavy burdens that I am carrying with God and give Him control. So I feel much more peace today.

But…I have been seriously struggling lately.

I am just frustrated in general.
I am frustrated about where my spiritual life is right now.
I am frustrated with my work here and all my projects because I try to ask people to do things and meet deadlines and it just doesn’t happen. (I have been told that this is just how it is here and that I need to be flexible. They told us the same thing BEFORE we left for the mission field and now I am just experiencing it for real.)
I am frustrated with this city some days. I miss home. I miss feeling in control. I miss predictability and knowing what happens next.
I am frustrated about girl situations and I wish I didn’t have to deal with dating anymore.

I don’t know from experience obviously but I have heard that marriage does not solve your problems…I have heard that it MAGNIFIES your problems. I think I am going through a similar process right now.

Becoming a missionary did not solve my spiritual problems. You can’t hit a switch or a button and suddenly become instantly holy or suddenly live up to the pedestal that people want to put you on sometimes.

Being a missionary has MAGNIFIED my problems.

It has brought my tendencies and struggles to the forefront in a way like I have never seen before. Part of it is just the fact that I think I am under attack more since I decided to move here. Satan is really attacking me and he knows my weaknesses. My temptations feel stronger here. And I feel like there is a war going on inside me. This makes me frustrated as well but I am also trying to praise God because I am attacked. Sometimes I think that maybe God brought me here because He knew that I would be forced to deal with my weaknesses faster if I was here.

I think if we are under attack from the enemy it means that we are doing something right. In fact, if you don’t feel attack or conviction it means you are not a target anymore. That scares me.

I always want to be a target. But I always want to remember that I am on the winning side. I just want to go to a different level in my relationship with Christ and I am realizing that in order to do that I have to do some things differently in my life. Some things just have to change.

I just hate how I put God on the shelf sometimes. Sit. Stay God. I got this. There are times when I just flat out refuse to involve Him in my life. I know that I am going to take Him down from the shelf in a few days and walk with Him again but I love to sit Him there while I do my own thing sometimes. This is the same temptation that Jesus felt when Satan asked Him to bow down to him temporarily and he would give Him all the kingdoms of the world. Jesus could have temporarily bowed down to Satan and then picked God back up off the shelf right after. But He knew better. He knew to “Worship the Lord your God and serve Him only.” He knew what was at stake if He temporarily set God inside. I was at stake. You were at stake.

Saving humanity is obviously not at stake when I set God aside here in La Paz, Bolivia. But the truth is that we really don’t know what is at stake when we set God aside. And I am just tired of temporarily setting God aside because I want to meet MY needs in MY own way. I am abusing His grace and love because I know that after I have done my thing for a few days He will be right there to meet me again when I come back to Him.

That is not how I want to live my life.
Walking with God and then setting Him aside when He is inconvenient.

I just want to walk with Him. Period.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I'm Back

Hi. After taking a week off I am here in the blogging world again. Did you miss me? As you can see from my post below, two of my best friends were here this past week visiting me in La Paz. And as I have learned for a second time pretty much stops when people are visiting. I don’t mind it at all but it is just how it goes. We were running around seeing the city and there was no time for me to really work on any of my projects. But it was a very nice break and it was great to laugh with friends who know me very well and who know the same inside jokes. They were only here for about four days so we were trying to cram in as much as possible.

Here they are on the morning of their arrival. Warren has a beard! I wasn't expecting that. (And just praise God that the altitude did not really knock them out during their visit)

The three of us in the standard must have La Paz photo...

We spent a lot of time sightseeing around La Paz and hanging out/catching up. But the highlight of the trip was definitely our mountain biking adventure down The World’s Most Dangerous Road. (It was great to check “Mountain Biking in South America” off of the old bucket list) We had an absolute blast and it was totally worth it. Here are a few photos from our adventure.

Adam and Warren – thanks again for visiting. I look forward to seeing you when I get back in December. I can’t laugh with anyone here in the same way that I can laugh with ya’ll. Those laughs we shared this past week will get me through the months ahead I know it.

Thanks for stopping by. And I am glad that you made it back to Georgia safely.

Check out all my photos from our trip down The World's Most Dangerous Road.

Back to work...

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Special Visitor (s)

That's plural. Visitors.

This guy....

And this guy...

Are on their way to visit this guy...

I am soooooo pumped. Two of my best friends in the world are currently waiting in the Miami airport to board an overnight flight to La Paz, Bolivia. It means so much to me that they would come visit me and they are shelling out some cash to get here.

I am looking forward to seeing them in person and catching up. We have this tradition of trying to go on a trip together each year and this year we are taking the party to the south…the really deep south…as in SOUTH America.

I am going to take them all over this city I call home. And on Wednesday we have a big day planned because we will be biking THE WORLD'S MOST DANGEROUS ROAD. Don't worry. My mom knows that I am doing this. She doesn't necessarily think that I SHOULD do it but she at least knows. We thought that it would be something cool that the three of us could experience together and it is a once in a lifetime experience for us.

I am stoked.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Special Visitor

I think I have mentioned before that I am working with an organization called the Red Viva Network. We are a Christian network of individuals, churches and ministries serving the at-risk kids here in La Paz and El Alto. The Red Viva Network is part of an international parent organization called Viva: Together for Children. It is an international effort by Christians to serve at-risk kids all over the world and work to meet both their physical and spiritual needs.

Well the International Director of Viva from England paid us a visit here in La Paz earlier this week. He was here to meet with us, visit some projects and just get a better idea of how some of Viva’s programs are working here in Bolivia. We had the opportunity to visit several projects with him and I documented his visit by taking photos. I also had the opportunity to translate for him and also he filmed a short video of me interviewing one of the project directors here. We were asking her various questions about her experience with one particular program and I was translating her responses into English for him.

The experience just made me thankful for my former boss at the Alliance Theatre, Virginia Vann. She gave me so many wonderful opportunities to present to the Board of Directors at the Alliance and I became very comfortable presenting to presidents and CEOs of businesses. Some people were nervous for Brian’s visit from Viva but, thanks to my past experience at the Alliance, I felt very comfortable presenting to him and talking with him about some of the projects that we are working on here in La Paz.

I guess I just see this as another way that God is using my past experience in the professional world to serve His kingdom better here in Bolivia. I don’t think that God does anything without a reason. He gave me the ability to communicate directly, comfortably and in a “get to the point” type of way with leaders of businesses. And He gave me all of those wonderful experiences at the Alliance to prepare me for the experiences that He wanted to place in front of me here.

It is just an amazing confirmation that, although we might not know why we are doing certain things or learning certain things at times, God knows exactly what He is doing and He knows exactly what He needs to do to prepare us for what lies in the path ahead.

Thursday, May 08, 2008

Seen 2 much

I was thinking, praying and listening to tunes the other day and I just realized that I have seen too much.

What I mean is that I think we all get to points in our Christian walk where we think…is this really worth it? We get to the point where we realize that it cost us to follow Christ so we wonder…is the sacrifice to truly follow Christ worth it? Is God really who He says He is? Is He really going to do what He says that He is going to do? Do I really believe that He knows what is best for me?

I am just at the point where I am realizing that I have seen too much.

I have simply experienced too much…

Of God’s love
Of God’s provision
Of God’ blessing
Of allowing God to love others through me
Of His presence in my life

That I just can’t turn back. I stumble, I fall and I remember that I have only really been daily walking with Christ for three and a half years now. And this is a walk that I will not complete on this earth.

He has fulfilled me, satisfied me and even brought me to a country 3700 miles from my home with the simple goal of living through me to share His love with others.

I just hope and pray, no matter what valley you are going through, that each and every one of you get to a point in your relationship with Christ that even though you stumble, even though you fall and even though you might walk away from God for a season of your life…that you experience His love enough to realize that you have seen too much.

And that you can’t turn back now. Better yet…that you don’t want to turn back.

Jump Start

So it has been a long last few days.
(The fact that I go to bed at 2 a.m. every night does not help)
And I really needed a jump start this morning.
Below is my version of Starbucks here in La Paz...Alexander Coffee.

Double coffee with milk (with white suger not that brown stuff)
And a chocolate chip muffin warmed in the microwave.

Ahhhhh I am ready to go.

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

The Cross

This video is running on Curt TV but I wanted to let you know about it so that you could make sure you see it. Go to the "On Demand" feature on the TV channel above and then click "New VOD folder" and "New storyboard" and look for this video: Tarija (Take Two).

Check it out. These kids captured my heart so much. And I admit it…every single time I have watched this video so far I cry. Just memories of being there I guess.

The Anglican Church has planted this church outside Tarija.
It is one of the poorest places I have seen in Bolivia so far.
The neighborhood is called “The Cross.”
These kids need the God that lives inside of us.
Help God help them through me.
Just pray about it and contact me if you want to support them.
There are projects we can do.

I’m so in…are you?

Monday, May 05, 2008


I didn’t have time to find the internet in Tarija. So here is the recap from the five days that I just spent in my second favorite city in Bolivia. Seriously. I loved this city. I really have a deeper understanding now that God must really need me in La Paz because I think if I had visited Tarija this past summer I would live there right now. I feel that strong of a connection to the city. I love the pastor and his family. They are great. I love the city. It is green, beautiful and very laid back. I love the ministry opportunities. Maybe I am just enjoying taking a little break from the hustle and bustle of La Paz. Maybe I need that fast-paced environment after all. Not exactly sure. Whatever it is, I know that there is more of Tarija in my future.

Below is the recap. And I apologize for the length of this post. I added some photos to make it easier on the eyes. Take your time. It was an action-packed five days. And be on the look out for some videos on Curt TV soon.

Wednesday (Day One):

I made it to Tarija late Wednesday night. Finally.

It was crazy. I flew to Cochabamba and the flight was then going to head to Tarija but there was a problem with the plane so we had to exit the plane and wait six hours to take off again. The airline that I flew is the only domestic airline in Bolivia right now so they have no competition and can pretty much do whatever they want. It was actually about five hours that we were delayed but we waited the last hour because, get this, the pilot was not there to fly the plane. Crazy.

The people on the plane were so anxious to leave…they were clapping and yelling that they wanted to go. I had never seen anything like it. The flight attendants were trying to keep them calm but they keep yelling. Yelling things like…“We already know the safety instructions…let’s just go!” or my personal favorite…“Your outfits are cute but your service is awful.” Yikes.

I stayed in a room in a house next to the church. A very nice lady lives there and took great care of me.

Thursday (Day Two):

This was a holiday all across Bolivia so the city was pretty much a ghost town. And the city is not that big anyway so it was really quiet. I spent most of the day driving around with the pastor and his family getting to know the city. They are looking for land to purchase so that they can build a good church building so we checked out some of those spots as well. They only have space for fifty people where they are right now and they are really growing and, unfortunately, they are having to turn people away. Their five year old daughter Mariangie took a liking to me and here are a few of my favorite photos from our drive:

Yes...they are still making statues these days...

My new friend Mariangie...she is the pastor's daughter...

My new favorite photo right getting my neck tickled...

We had a great lunch and then went back to the house. I took a great one hour nap and then I hit the streets to visit some of the cool plazas. Here are a few more photos for you:

I stopped to have a coffee and sample a glass of wine in one of the restaurants in a plaza nearby. Most of the wine from Bolivia is produced around Tarija.

Thursday night we went to a coliseum here for a worship concert/competition. A lot of the worship teams from churches in town participated. It was kinda like a Latin “Church” American Idol. It was ok. The lighting was bad and they had major sound problems and had to stop several times but hey.

We capped the night off with some dinner and then headed home.

Friday (Day Three):

I went with the pastor and his wife to visit a school nearby, the school where their kids attend. We had a meeting with the director because the church is interested in partnering with the school to construct an area above the school that the church can use and an area that they can use to house kids with family problems (abandoned, orphaned, etc…) and allow them to attend the school as well. But the school needs to finish some construction first and it became pretty clear that the director was looking for the church to help them find some funds to complete the construction on the school first. Not so fast Mrs. Director Lady.
I recommended to the pastor that they should focus all of their attention right now on raising funds for their own land/church building and he agreed with that. Land is really cheap here and they have found a great location here to build the church. To buy the land and build everything will only cost about $100,000. So I told them to focus on that and I am going to help him write some emails to the US and England asking people for support. Since they do not have any empty seats right now in their current location I am going to steal the Buckhead Church “Empty Seat” fundraising idea to help them pitch the project.

It has become very clear during this trip that I need to prayerfully ask God which needs here in Bolivia right now He needs me to promote. With fundraising you can’t be hitting people up for cash for special projects all the time. You need time between your asks. I have so many things that I could ask people to support right now that I really need to ask Him which projects He wants me to promote. From a fundraising perspective I need to take all of the options I have and prayerfully narrow them down.

I had lunch with a family from the church and then in the afternoon the pastor and I visited a church that they have planted in one of the poorest areas of all Bolivia. It is a series of neighborhoods where people live in tents/tarps. I had never seen anything like it. The Anglican church has planted a church in this area outside of town and on Sunday afternoons right now they have about 30 adults and 110 kids. Most of the kids were covered in dirt and most of them were coughing and had runny noses. It was a little tough to see. But it made me wish that I lived here so that I could minister to them on a regular basis.

You haven't lived until you've enjoyed coffee and a snack with a dirt floor in the background...

On Friday night I went with the pastor and his wife to a local peña. A peña is where you go to a local restaurant to enjoy food and enjoy traditional Bolivian music.

Saturday (Day Four):

I had time to rest on Saturday morning and then I met another family from the church for lunch. We drove just outside of town to this very cool hotel/restaurant. It had some great views of the countryside and it was a very relaxing and enjoyable lunch.

On Saturday afternoon there is a English class that the pastor of the church is giving for adults. I went to be the resident native English speaker so that I could help them practice some pronunciation and give some insight and help.

Saturday night I spent some time playing cards and ping pong with some of the youth from the church and then after that I went to dinner a few people in one of the main plazas here. I met up with a girl that I met on the plane ride down to Tarija and a few of her friends.

Sunday (Day Five):

I went to the church service in the morning and in the afternoon I went with a few people from the church to another service at the church that I visited on Friday. It was crazy. I had a blast and it was really tough to leave. Later in the evening the pastor drove me to the airport and I headed back home.

Pastor Walter sharing with the kids...

Me giving some juice to the kids...

Some kids praying to receive Christ...

The kids waiting to receive their milk...

The kids giving me a goodbye hug...I want to go back...

I really enjoyed my time in Tarija. I am not fibbing when I tell you that it was hard to leave. I feel a strong connection to the city and I am excited about visiting again in the future.

Check out all my photos from Tarija.