Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sacrifice = Blessings

I am really starting to see this in my life.
That with sacrifice comes amazing blessings from God.
And I hope that when you read that you think, “Yeah, me too.”
And not “I wish I knew.”

My biggest sacrifice that I can remember has been moving here.
Picking up. Leaving my family. Leaving my friends. Leaving guaranteed income. Answering the call of God to move here to La Paz. For me…that was a sacrifice. But I must tell you that with that specific sacrifice has come extraordinary blessings.

The opportunity to see God at work here in La Paz has been an amazing blessing. To see God at work in another culture…in another language. I can’t put that blessing into words. The opportunity to use the skills God blessed me with to serve His kingdom here is something that I will never regret. In fact, regret is one of my biggest fears.

I want to stand before God one day and have the least amount of regrets as possible. I know there will be some. I already have some. But I also have the opportunity to use the time that God gives me to minimize them.

God has blessed me with great friends here. A great church. Good health. A great place to rest at night.

I write all of this so that HE will get the glory. It is His fault that I am here. I didn’t even want to come to La Paz. But He knew. He had a plan.

He knew that He needed me here to serve. And that has been totally clear these first seven months.

And as if that was not enough…throw meeting the love of your life into the equation and I really hit my knees to thank Him. Again. He knew. I didn’t want to come to this city. But so that He could get the glory…He called me here.

And also so that He could get the glory He brought this amazing child of His, Paola, into my life. Just so I could say…it is because of God that I am here. So Praise Him. It is because of God that I met Paola. So Praise Him.

God ‘s ultimate goal is for Himself to be glorified.

With sacrifice comes blessing. Are you lacking a blessing in your life?
It just might be because you do not feel a sacrifice in your life. Take a risk. Is God calling you to do something? Are you scared?

Taking the steps are hard sometimes…but the blessing God has in store just around the corner can be spectacular.

Give God the chance to come through for you in an unbelievable way.

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