Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Day two at the construction site: Ruth

We made a good amount of progress today on the new room for the church. We were able to pour concrete for two more columns and we dug more ditches. It was a very fruitful today.

But my day was highlighted by my time with Ruth.

Here is a photo of us just chillin...

She was at the site yesterday but she was very shy and would not really talk to anybody. Well she was back this morning and she grabbed my hand and would not let me go for a while. I love showing love and attention to these kids in the really poor areas. You just get the sense that they are seriously starved for love and attention. One kid at a time I keep telling myself.

My new friend Ruth is five years old. Her hair was matted really bad and I noticed as I was holding her hand that she had some pretty bad warts on her hands. She told me that they were hurting her. So when our taxi driver, Oscar, left I asked him to stop by the pharmacy for some ointment to cure the warts. When he returned this afternoon a little boy led us to Ruth’s house and Oscar gave the medicine to her mom and explained to her in Quechua (Indigenous Dialect) what she needed to do.

Ruth’s brother had a few on him as well.

Oh well…you never know if the mom will actually use the ointment or not on Ruth. We opened it so hopefully she will not just sell the ointment to someone. You never know.

But the cool thing is that if I keep my eyes open, every day God gives me the opportunity to be intentionally involved in the life of someone else.

Today it was so I could hold Ruth’s hand and buy her a treatment that will hopefully cure her painful warts. God only knows what tomorrow holds.

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