Friday, September 26, 2008

God the Provider

The work continues here in La Paz without a laptop. I am using internet cafes for a few hours each day to work on projects. Sure it makes life a little more difficult but it could be way worse.

God has definitely been speaking to me during this whole situation.

First, He is reminding me that what I lost was just ¨stuff¨. There are so many people in this world who are suffering way more than I am right at this moment. I mean there is cancer, abuse and death. And God is reminding me about all of the many blessings that I currently have in my life right now. When we lose things, especially material things, it is very easy to focus on the things that we lose but God has used this moment to show me and remind me of the things that I have NOT lost. The things that I still have. What a blessing.

God is also showing me that I don´t need a laptop, a camera and an ipod to serve Him and be used by Him here. Sure they help but He is much bigger than that. Maybe He needed to get my attention. Maybe not. Maybe I need to step farther out of my comfort zone these next few weeks and take a risk and serve Him in a new and different way here. It´s almost as if He was telling me to put the computer down and find new ways to interact and serve the people here.

And probably the biggest thing that I have seen is how God provides. I am overwhelmed with gratitude and thanks for my friends and family back home right now. Within two days of me losing all of this stuff I have been contacted by friends back home who want to get involved and help me replace the items I lost. One group of friends has told me that they are going to go in together to purchase me a new laptop and another friend just contacted me today because He has already bought me a new camera. Wow. God is so good to me and He has been so good to me this year. I have lots of necks to hug and people to thank when I get back home in December.

And the timing couldn´t be better because my brother will be coming to La Paz in about two weeks and he will be able to bring me my new laptop and camera.

I just can´t thank God enough right now. I am blessed with an amazing group of supporters back home who always step up to the plate if I have a need. And I am also blessed with great friends and a wonderful girlfriend here in La Paz who love me as well and who want to see me be used by God.

God is so good. Whatever you are going through I just pray that you continue to ask God to show you His hand in the situation. To show you that He is working through the situation. Because trust me...although we don´t see His hand sometimes...He is always there.

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