Friday, November 10, 2006


New Blog links alert in the “Blogs, Blogs, Blogs” section. JBurns is a very cool and extremely funny kat in my small group from church who just recently started a Blog. Happy Blogging Bro.

And my friend Yer, the girl who taught me all my dance moves AND gave me my love for thrift store shopping, is getting PAID now by Citysearch NYC to Blog about Fashion. You rock girl and I miss you. Thanks for not making ME pay for all that fashion advice…

Meanwhile in other Blog news…

I just spent two very looooooong days in Pasadena by way of LA. Several meetings, a 2 hour and 40 minute musical and a 3 hour time change in two days has made for one tired Curt. I still haven’t fully recovered yet and I should be in bed but I need my Blog fix.

It was a very brief trip to the City of Angels and it was nice to finally see exit signs for and glimpses of all the places that I heard those west coast rappers rap about…Crenshaw Blvd, Inglewood, etc…I wanted to go to Compton but we just didn’t have time.

And it was cool to see the actual Hollywood sign up on the hill too…you know the place where Dr. Evil had his lair in Goldmember? That was delightful.

Pasadena kinda felt like what I think stepping into a TV show would feel like.

Sister Act is a work in progress but it is a very entertaining and fun new musical that I think will definitely have a strong response here in the ATL. Mission accomplished on that front.

I wanted to call Chick-fil-A and ask them to hurry up and expand there western markets. I’m seriously addicted. You don’t really know sometimes how addicted you are to something until you physically CAN’T have that thing.

And why didn’t somebody warn me about all the Asian and Latina girls in California??? Geez. I was totally not expecting to have to deal with those weaknesses on this trip.

And then there was the Southern brunette girl weakness on the return trip on MARTA when I had a nice conversation with a girl from Baton Rouge by way of LSU who is in town for three days for a teachers’ conference. I had serious butterflies when this girl walked up. I haven’t felt those in a while but it was nice. It’s nice to know that the chemistry and magnetism stuff still exists out there in the streets.

I think we should all be reminded of that feeling every so often.

Thanks God for reminding me how butterflies feel and thanks for getting me back home safely.

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Yer said...

tell me about the chick fil-a love, man, i feel your addiction, except i can only get mine once in a blue moon when i travel down south. good to hear you are jet setting, i like this new curt as blogger thing :) thanks for the shout out!