Sunday, November 12, 2006


So I bought my plane ticket to Pennsylvania this past week and I am set to attend the Crossroads conference with the South American Missionary Society in January.

Two months and counting.

After attending this conference which consists of education and various interviews/consultations I will be notified if I am selected as an official missionary candidate with SAMS. At that point, if I accept the invitation, I will hit the road and write letters to tell my story and try to raise funds. I will also finalize my area of placement/length of stay.

Once I raise the proper funds, get all the medical stuff taken care of (physical/immunizations) and get the final clearance from SAMS I can leave for my first “tour of duty”.

Lots of questions will be answered at the conference and after my time with SAMS in January I should have a good idea as to whether or not SAMS is the right fit for me.

SAMS mailed me their missionary handbook which I am studying before attending the conference. I have been glancing through the handbook and joking with Warren that two sections keep jumping off the page at me…

Under no circumstances will the Society pay any ransom for the release of a SAMS missionary, or anyone being held hostage who is in any way related to the Society.


No one may leave for overseas service without having a current will. Copies of important documents must be left with the next of kin.

Pretty standard stuff I’m sure. But it’s still weird to see it in writing. Maybe I could do a video will. That would be cool.

Good thing my bro is a lawyer so he can help me with that will.

And good thing my mom is not reading this.


Warren T said...

Yeah, well my mom is reading it. Let's just make sure she doesn't talk to yours...

Yer said...

dude, no worries, even if they won't pay for your ransom, i'm sure we can easily set up a paypal account to take care of it for you, you have enough people in the world that love you :)