Thursday, November 23, 2006

Here’s to you…

…Mr. Multimodal Life History Inventory.

You know…I really believe that self evaluation on a certain level is a very healthy thing. But self evaluation to the level of the Multimodal Life History Inventory is just down right crazy.

As part of this whole missionary candidacy process I have to complete a few psychological assessments. The rather weighty packet was delivered in the mail about a week ago.

So step one is a 14 page workbook called the Multimodal Life History Inventory.

Some sample life history that I have to inventory...

State in your own words the nature of your main problems
Give an impression of the atmosphere of the home you grew up in
Describe your mom’s/dad’s personality and your relationship with each
Did you feel loved and respected by your parents?
If you could have two wishes, what would they be?
List your five main fears
Describe your image of a completely “safe” place
What do you consider to be your craziest thought or idea (I don’t think taking the Multimodal Life History Inventory counts…)
One of the ways people hurt me is x
My best friend thinks I am x

Good, I get to skip the whole spouse section (Just fyi...there is no “lack of spouse” section)

This thing is intense. AND after I complete the Multimodal Life History Inventory I have to sit down and complete 4-5 hours worth of other psychological tests. The roommate has to monitor me from the other room. After I complete all tests, I mail them in to the psychologist, we have a 50-60 minute phone chat and then he passes the results onto the missionary society.

I think they are just trying to make sure that I am not an axe murderer. And as overwhelming as this life history inventory appears, it is actually kinda helpful.

Right off the bat I was able to confirm with pretty strong clarity that I never really connected with my family, especially my parents, I hate criticism and I don’t really take care of my body that well (ie eat well and exercise regularly)

So in honor of Thanksgiving let’s all raise a glass…

...Here's to you Mr. Multimodal Life History Inventory.

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