Thursday, November 02, 2006

Dude, where's my Curt?

I have found myself thinking this thought lately…

“I might not be here for X next year.”

A few things that have been “X” recently:
My Birthday or anybody’s birthday for that matter
Opening Day of Georgia Football
Any special event for my nieces or nephew
Thanksgiving Dinner with the family
The noises Warren makes (He has actually belched three times WHILE I am sitting here writing this post)

I think the “I might not be here for X next year” thought is turning into the “I just might not BE here next year” thought.

Yeah, if I move I should be able to come back once a year to visit family and friends but for the most part I will be what we like to call “out of pocket”. (Only electronic hugs, not real ones)

It’s a funny feeling to think about having long-distance relationships with your family and friends. And it will be interesting to see how my relationships change and grow if I move. I know the close friendships I have will remain strong.

But I wonder about family.

I have not been very close to my family through the years, especially my parents. Although I have always been physically close to them (never more than 40 miles or so) I have never been that emotionally close to them.

But that has really been changing over the last year and a half. I finally feel like I am making some progress with my family relationships and here I go and possibly leave the country.

Sometimes I think…Is it possible to grow closer emotionally to my family by moving physically farther away from them?

Still, I have this strange feeling inside that if I do move over 3,000 physical miles away from my family that yes, I will somehow grow closer to them in emotional miles.

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