Monday, November 20, 2006

I do

I attended a wedding this past Saturday for one of the guys in my small group from church. I haven’t attended too many weddings in recent memory but every time I do I always catch myself longing to be in a relationship. I also catch myself trying to locate a single girl at the wedding who is ALSO longing to be in a relationship. Don't hate.

Just had a thought…if I’m a dude and weddings make me want to be in a relationship, what do the single girls feel at weddings? It’s probably not that generic. I’m sure both guys and gals feel differently at weddings because we are all so different.

Anyway, being married would certainly be cool. I know I don’t have a right to get married. I mean…I don’t think God owes me a wife for some reason.

But if He chooses to bless me with marriage that would still be sweet.

Anyway, the wedding this weekend got me thinking about other things/situations that make we want to be in a relationship. Here are a few…

Wedding Receptions
First Dances at Wedding Receptions
Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays
10 minutes before Midnight on New Years Eve
Country Music
Sunday Afternoons
Between 6 – 8 p.m. during the week after work
Road Trips/Traveling
Game Days
House sitting
Going to the theatre
Laguna Beach Season Finale

Anybody with me on this?


Rebecca said...

Nope, no one else feels that way. Least of all us single girls at weddings...

(and if you couldn't detect the sarcasm there, then, well...)

Warren T said...

Ditto to most on your list, plus a few of my own:
Waking up on cold mornings
making dinner
going to a concert
going for a walk/exercising
seeing pictures of others' kids
talking to my ex

yer said...

wahh! La Gaguna Beach seasonale finale! i feel you on that one.

you would think with a wingman like warren, both of you guys would be snatched up already!
whats wrong with atlanta women! lord knows new york women are all about some southern boys :)

Warren T said...

Yer, I'm moving to NYC right now. See you Friday.