Wednesday, April 04, 2007


Friend-raising NOT fund-raising.

It’s an interesting concept and the title of the book I just finished reading. This is one of the books SAMS gave me to read as I begin the process of building what we like to call a missionary support team.

It could be very easy for money to become my main goal during these next eight months as I prepare to move to South America. And I can see how that could happen because I need money. And if I don’t get the support I need it will be kinda difficult to move.

But the basic idea of this book is that relationships are more important than money. Friends are more important than money. I think they are telling me something like the moment that my friends become dollar signs instead of just friends that’s not cool.

I can definitely see the temptation to manipulate. The temptation to ONLY contact someone and communicate with someone when they send me a contribution.

This is a really good lesson to learn now. And I need this thought at the forefront of my mind throughout this process. The thought that MY financial needs are met as a by-product, not as the goal. And that any time there is only giving or only receiving in a relationship, it is unhealthy.

Can I really get to the place where I genuinely say “I don’t care whether they support me or not. I just want to love them.” Can I build a lifestyle of caring for people more as friends than as sources of funding?

Some other major themes of the book or “pillars of wisdom” suggested are generosity and the idea that my own generosity has a way of breeding generosity in others. Something about it being hard for me to prosper in ministry if MY heart is pinched.

Also communication of course is very important. To let people know how much they mean to me and to inform people of what is going on without imposing undue obligation or pressure.

And prayer because I don’t believe that I can make it day to day on human effort alone.

So that being said, if you could all just email your credit card number, expiration date and that three digit code on the back of the card to that would be great.


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