Sunday, April 22, 2007

It’s a southern thang…you probably understand

So friend-raising takes energy. And I can already see how spending a good amount of time just trying to meet people, trying to get to know people and sharing with people the vision that God has placed on my heart could just wear me out. I told someone the other day that my weekends these days are mostly spent “shaking hands and kissing babies.” I think that is going to be the norm until I actually move to Bolivia. Don’t get me wrong – I love it.

I kinda feel like a politician sometimes though.

I say all that to say that this weekend was no different. I spent time with the brotherhood at Holy Cross on Saturday morning and today I visited one of Holy Cross’ sister churches – Holy Spirit Anglican Church in Watkinsville, GA.

Holy Spirit is a new congregation and today was their founders’ day. Basically, a day when the Bishop visits to officially receive new members into the Anglican community. It was a great service. And after the service there was lunch…

Picture this…I walk outside the church and there is a looooooong table of food. Old School Southern Style. I’m talking rolls, potatoe salad, deviled eggs, mac and cheese, broccoli casserole, turkey, chicken, pork, banana puddin, four different cakes, sweet tea, etc…

When I got to the table to sit down to eat I told the person next to me that “I think that spread of food just convinced me to stay in the South and not move to Bolivia.”

The whole experience was just a nice moment that reminded me how great the South is. It’s also just funny how we tend to stop and enjoy things more when we truly believe that we might not be able to enjoy those things sometime in the future.

I think this will be a common thought for me these next seven months and I hope that it causes me to make the absolute most out of my time left here before I leave.

But it is still a very weird feeling to enjoy certain things and events and think “You know, I won’t be here for that next year.”

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