Monday, March 26, 2007

Expect Everything…whatever

Jay-Z in the most recent Budweiser Select advertising campaign tells us consumers to “Expect Everything”. I hate that because I think sometimes expectations can really turn to the negative. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have them. I wish I could just turn them off.

I love it how I just create all of these schemes and plans in my mind that aren’t necessarily God’s and get bummed out when things don’t turn out how I wanted them to.

I wish (in certain situations) that my mind would NOT run the ING Marathon over and over again in my head making up hypothetical situations and outcomes.

And it would be nice if I could prevent my mind from planning ahead 6 months to a year in like 2 minutes flat. Sometimes I think I am immune to something and then that something comes along and smacks me right in the face just to remind me that I am not immune after all.

Basically, I had a plan in my head recently. I set an expectation and I let it consume me a good bit and, don’t you know it, the plan didn’t really turn out how I expected it to.

Big surprise, huh?

I think this might just be a human thing. I am guessing I am not the only one who wrestles with expectations from time to time.

But for once, it would be nice to not fall victim to that hype that gets built up in my head.

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