Saturday, March 03, 2007

Open for Business

Well...the process of finalizing details and raising funds to move to South America has officially begun.

I am now set up with my own page on the SAMS website. You can see it here. Also, my good friend Adam has created a website for me and if you haven't seen it you can check it out at

I am coordinating a trip to Bolivia in June to finalize the exact city that I am going to live in and the exact ministry that I am going to partner with. My current timeline has me finalizing my placement this summer, training in Colorado in late September and October and officially moving to South America at the beginning of December.

No doubt it is going to be a very exciting nine months as I prepare to get on that plane and move.

Game on.

1 comment:

yer said...

wow! love the new website, i especially like that you are busily reading an atlas :)good luck in this endeavor its a biggie, but nothing's to big for Mr. Little! can't wait to see your progress . . .