Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Would you like that biggie-sized?

So I ran a report in Quicken tonight to check out my spending from January 1 until today and in nine and a half months I have spent $1,060.84 on fast food alone! That can’t be possible...$100 a month on fast food? Whatever. I hate you Quicken. I mean I love you. Thank you so much for helping me track where my money goes. Punk.

The only reason I ran the report tonight is because I get together with a group of guys from church every Wed. night and we have been studying finances the last few weeks. I use Quicken to track my finances like a good little boy but I had not run a spending report lately. I decided to run that tonight…and there it was staring right back at me…over a grand in fast food.

All I will say is, unfortunately, I have a hyperactive thyroid which causes an overactive metabolism so the crap I eat sometimes shows no outward negative effects. But health-wise I am starting to worry about the inside a little more than the outside.

I bet if I got a physical some of the results would surprise me. Maybe I’ll do that.

Big props to my roomie Warren – he has got it going on…he exercises, does the weight-watchers thing and has lost 65 lbs. I am very proud.

So bring on Reason # 2 to move to Bolivia – no fast food.

P.S. Reason # 1 is to make God famous.


Adam said...

yeah, but is Chick-fil-A really fast food? It's so good!

Curt said...

Good call. I like your thinking. I need to run a report to get a breakdown of all the fast food establishments I visited. See how high Chick-fil-A ranks...