Sunday, October 22, 2006

Kids write the darndest things

So I was asked to help out with a new group of 2nd graders today at church. The girl who is the leader of this group has pretty much all boys in her group and they are wild. I just had to share something from an activity we did today.

The Bible story today was about this guy named Onesimus - a slave to this guy named Philemon. Onesimus stole money from Philemon and ran away. While he was away he met Paul and gave his life to Christ. Paul then wrote a letter to Philemon agreeing to pay the debt that Onesimus owed him. Paul told Philemon about the change that had taken place in Onesimus and asked him to accept his return out of love and gratitude.

Enter the 2nd graders. So one activity we had them do was to put themselves in Philemon’s shoes. How would they respond if they had received that letter from Paul asking them to take Onesimus back? We asked them to write a letter to Paul and respond.

I present to you now, two of those letters…

Letter # 1:
Dere poll.
I like the letr. it is the best letr in the world.
you have a big hort.

Letter # 2:
Dear Paul,
Hi! Did you die.
If you died, I would kill Onnesimis.

P.S. I like applesause

Wow. I mean I know he stole some money from you but that’s no reason to go and kill the guy.

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