Friday, October 20, 2006

Weekend Happenings

Today I went to the doctor to get my second Hepatitis A immunization shot. I am now covered 4 life. Yeah! I will start my Hepatitis B shots next month (series of 3). All in preparation for spending more time in South America. I wonder what it would be like if we had to get immunizations to move around in the states. Like say to Loganville. “Oh, moving to Loganville, eh? Well have you had your Waffle House, Home Depot and Chevy immunizations? No? Well you better take care of that…”

I bet the Waffle House shot is a series of 3.

I also breezed through year 1 of the Louvre exhibit at the High Museum this afternoon. I must admit I was a little disappointed. For all the hype the exhibit was pretty short. I guess my expectations were too high. Visiting the Prado museum in Madrid and the Met in NYC spoiled me I think…

Saturday will be cool because in the morning I will be at the Boo at the Zoo event at Zoo Atlanta for a few hours because some actors from our children’s theatre production of Disney’s Aladdin will be in costume visiting with the kids. It is a trick-or-treat event that they have every year for the kids. Saturday is also Chris’ birthday so we will be having dinner in Athens to celebrate. Let’s hope the DAWGS end the losing streak so we will all be a little happier.

On Sunday, all I have to do is try to share my relationship with Christ with my group of 2nd graders at church. Haven’t figured out how to convey that on a second grade level yet…

“You see kids, I grew up in church but my faith wasn’t all that strong so in college I strayed away from God and did the whole sex, drugs and rock and roll thing but I’m back now and everything’s great…”

No wait. That won’t work.

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