Sunday, August 12, 2007

Where to start?

Recently I have just been bombarded with different things to pray for. And to be honest, sometimes I just don’t know where to start. Sometimes I feel like I have so many things to pray for that I end up not really praying for anything at all. Do you ever feel overwhelmed like this?

I have told so many people that I will pray for them recently that it is too much to remember. I want to pray for others. I really want to make that part of my daily prayer life. But I am just struggling lately trying to figure out the best way to go about it.

I feel bad just praying once for someone. It’s like I want to pick a few requests and pray fervently and consistently for those requests for like six months and then move on to other requests.

And through the whole missionary thing I am making more and more connections to other ministries around the world and I want to pray for them also. I am just flooded with things to pray for and I know that they are all important. But figuring out how to organize my prayers is just difficult right now.

Good thing God knows what we are going to pray for before we say it, because I sure miss some things. I know He hears all of our requests…but still there is something powerful about someone interceding for another person in prayer. I really think that it puts a smile on God’s face. I just wish I could do it better than I currently do.

So I am struggling with all that and then two days ago God placed another request on my heart…I felt God nudging me to pray for my future wife. What??? Where did that come from?

God knows that I have a desire to be married but I know that if it is His will for me to be married it will happen on His timeline. And with my upcoming move, dating and marriage have not really been on my mind at all. My main focus has been moving to Bolivia. Believe me, I want to date and I want to get married but it has just not been a priority lately given the fact that I am planning to move to Bolivia in four months.

But still, it is interesting that God has placed this prayer on my heart. I think it is pretty cool to pray for my future wife. Praying that she is seeking a deeper relationship with Christ wherever she is. Praying that she is protected. Praying that she is loving God with all her heart, mind, soul and strength. And to know that possibly there is some girl praying for me out there is a very encouraging thing.

But I guess it all goes back to God having a plan. He has called me to La Paz, Bolivia. I realized recently that if I had met someone in the last year or so it is very unlikely that I would even be going to Bolivia. Again, it is just evidence that God is in control.

I’m just lost in a sea of prayer requests right now and I am struggling to find guidance and direction.

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