Tuesday, August 07, 2007

A Double Blessing

It amazes me sometimes just how much God honors and blesses our sacrifices.

A friend of mine has two cars. One he bought recently and one that was given to him as a gift. Recently God has been calling him and his wife to give one of the cars to someone that they know who has no car and really needs one. They feel that since the car was given to them that they should share that blessing and give the car to someone else who has none.

Amazing testimony.

I was talking to this friend recently and he was saying that his wife will be starting school this fall and it is going to continue to be more difficult logistically for them since they will only have one car. They have a need for two cars but what is amazing to me is that they are willing to sacrifice that need to meet a greater need. I think that is the essence of what God is calling all of us to. And I am so encouraged by the strength of their faith.

Well…a few weeks ago God just laid on my heart that I needed to give my car to them before I leave for Bolivia.

I can’t take my car to Bolivia and my plan has been all along to sell it. But God spoke so clearly to me that I know in my heart that what I need to do is give my car to them. The real “God moment” of the whole thing is that I had no idea that they were going to give THEIR car away when God placed this idea on my heart. But God knew. I didn’t even know that they had two cars. I always thought that they only had one.

It was only after I shared with this friend the idea that God had placed on my heart that he told me the amazing story about them giving their car away. So basically what has happened here is that God has called them to sacrifice and give their second car away while at the same time calling me to give my car to THEM.

God KNEW that He had another car waiting for them. They didn’t know. But He did. And I believe that He is honoring their sacrifice by providing them with another car.

We can’t see sometimes the blessing that waits just around the corner.

I gladly give my car to them. It’s not about the money that I would have gotten for selling it. If it was all about money I doubt I would even be heading to Bolivia anyway. It’s about sharing a blessing with someone else. It’s about seeing a need and then meeting that need. And I can’t describe to you the joy that I feel giving my car away. God has blessed me so much. I truly believe that He blesses us so that we can be a blessing to others.

And besides…why should Oprah be the only one who gets to give cars to people?

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