Monday, December 11, 2006


So one of the books I read recently was a book by Andy Stanley called Visioneering – God’s Blueprint for developing and maintaining vision. It was recommended to me that I read this book while I am in the “dreaming” phase.

Here is an excerpt from the intro…
“If I were to ask you to describe how you picture your life in ten years, chances are you could paint a fairly clear picture. No doubt you could outline a financial profile. You could describe what you hope to achieve relationally. You have some idea of where you want to be professionally. In other words, you would be able to look beyond what is and paint a picture of what could be – and in some cases what should be – true of your life. That’s vision.

A clear vision, along with the courage to follow through, dramatically increases your chances of coming to the end of your life, looking back with a deep abiding satisfaction, and thinking, I did it. I succeeded. I finished well. My life counted.

Without a clear vision, odds are you will come to the end of your life and wonder. Wonder what you could have done – what you should have done. And like so many, you may wonder if your life really mattered at all.”

Do you stare up at the ceiling at night and wonder about this sometimes like I do? I confess that I am having difficulty painting a picture of what my life will be ten years from now. Honestly, I am having a hard time painting a picture of what my life will be ONE year from now…

I tried to think about what vision I have had for my life over the last almost seven years since college. And I really think my vision was to become the best arts marketer possible. It was definitely a career-focused vision though. I wanted to tackle the arts industry and climb the ladder of success. And on a certain level that is happening. I have only had two jobs in my twenties and I feel like I have been successful in both. And God has blessed me with an unbelievable mentor who has groomed me, positioned me and shaped me into the business person that I am today. I feel like I could be very successful continuing in this industry with God’s blessing of course.

Now. I have no idea. I think the vision I dream about now has something to do with helping kids on the streets of South America who start out in life without ANY opportunity for success. Kids who have no one to fight for them. Kids who have the odds stacked against them. How? Again, no idea. But it is comforting in Andy’s book to read that you usually realize the “what” part of a vision before you realize the “how.” That’s nice. I got time on that “how” part.

I am glad that I read this book during my three month "waiting period" prior to my SAMS conference in January because the book actually addresses the wait time.

Andy talks about how “This sense of “time is awasting” is the very thing that compels people to move out too soon. The assumption is, since we aren’t moving on, nothing’s going on.”

He also says that three things happen during this wait time:

The vision matures in us – time allows us to distinguish between ideas and visions worth throwing the weight of our life behind.

We mature in preparation for the vision – the tendency is to assume that since I know what I am to do, I’m ready to do it. But the two don’t always coincide.

God is at work behind the scenes preparing the way – God’s vision for your life is much bigger than you. You don’t know what God is up to behind the scenes of your life. It is no accident you are where you are.

When I stare up at the ceiling at night I think I just want God to be proud of me. I know He loves me and I love Him but I want Him to smile when someone mentions my name in Heaven.

I would love for Him to bring out the photo album and be like “Check Curt out. That’s my kid. Look at him go.”

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