Saturday, September 08, 2007

The Storm before the Calm

These first two weeks in September are very busy for me. Next Friday, September 14th, is my last day at the Alliance Theatre and Denise Cox, the Associate Director of the South American Missionary Society, is in town this weekend visiting the church and some of my family,friends & supporters.

I feel super busy. This last week at the Alliance is going to be crazy, I have to pack my stuff to move out of the condo next weekend and I am hosting Denise from SAMS this weekend. Also, I leave for my training in Colorado in a few weeks so I am prepping for that as well. While at the same time continuing to finalize details to move to Bolivia later this year.

I feel like my current schedule/to do list is in real need of a Blackberry.

But…I really feel like this past week and this next week are really the storm before the calm, because in about a week I will be a little thing that I like to call…unemployed. And although momentum will be building for my move to Bolivia over the next few months, I will not have a full-time job during the week to think about. It is going to be a weird feeling for me that’s for sure.

So, I feel like the busyness of last week and the week ahead are really temporary. And I see some calm days in my future and you know...I’m ok with that.

Denise’s visit this weekend is going well. We had some great meetings earlier today and she got to spend some quality time this afternoon with some of my family and friends. I feel like we took another step today toward my upcoming move to Bolivia. Having Denise visit was a key part of the whole process. Tomorrow after church we will be having lunch with my pastor prior to her heading back to the airport.

I kinda see this as God just moving me another step closer to His ultimate plan for my move to Bolivia. And I am looking forward to being able to completely focus my attention on Bolivia.

For one more week it is a part-time job, but come September 17th my FULL-TIME focus will be preparing for long-term missionary service in La Paz, Bolivia.

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Adam said...

Good luck in your last week of work!