Sunday, June 17, 2007

Bolivia or Bust

So this is it.

On Tuesday I fly to Bolivia for two weeks. I will be visiting three cities - Santa Cruz (June 19 - 23) Cochabamba (June 23 - 30) and La Paz (June 30 - July 3).

This trip is huge. The main purpose is for me to discern exactly which city I feel God calling me to live in and exactly which ministry I feel God calling me to partner with.

It will be a very busy two weeks but if I get an opportunity to send a blog your way I will be sure to do so. If not - I will post a blog when I get back letting you know how the trip went and hopefully letting you know where I will be living and working for the next few years of my life...

If you are the praying kind, please pray that God will give me clear direction during this trip as to where He wants me to be.

Stay Sweet.

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Adam said...

Dude. Have an awesome trip!