Thursday, November 12, 2009

How far...

...would you be willing to go for God if you had no fear?

That is a question that is haunting me right now.

Let's face it. God wants to take all of us places. Different places but places. And sometimes the bridge that we have to cross to get there is called fear.

God wants to use us to do His will. But sometimes we get scared.
I heard a personal story recently from a pastor who was scared to pray to raise someone from the dead even though God told him that he wanted to use him to raise this person from the dead. Can you believe that? He said that he chickened out and that he did not hear the voice of God for one year.

I am not sure what you think about that. I am not even sure if you believe that people CAN be raised from the dead.

But the point is that this young pastor was left with this question burned into his far would I be willing to go for God if I had no fear?

And I am wondering the same thing.

We need to leave our comfort zones more and experience a little fear. I am convinced that that is where God shows up. I am reading "The Irresistible Revolution" right now by Shane Claiborne and it is rocking my world. I mean...he called up Mother Theresa in Calcutta and said that he wanted to come and visit.

Some people look at my move to Bolivia and say "Wow." I look at Shane calling up Mother Theresa in Calcutta to go and hang out with dying people and lepers and I say "Wow."

Where does it end. How far are we willing to go?

I don't know but I am convinced that the goal is not to just study Christianity but to actually live it. Let's start to put this radical love of Christ for our neighbor into practice.


Chris said...

So, on my way back from DC yesterday I was listening to some "mix-tape" CD's and I heard the song "Live like you were dying". Now, I am not a country music fan and don't know much by Tim McGraw, but it affirmed in me that I do not want to limit how I live because of fear....fear of ANY type. I mean really, if you received news that you were dying, how would that change your perspective? Hey, ARE dying. Be intentionally involved in the lives of others and not always your own. Stop being negative all the time. Reconcile your relationships. Live like no one else so you can live like no one else.

Chuck said...

We have fear when we do not trust. We do not trust when we forget that God is sovereign - meaning He is all and owns all!! Even Satan can not do anything without God allowing him to do so. only comes when we surrender ALL to Him!!