Thursday, February 01, 2007

Quotable quotes

Before I started this whole online thing I kept a written journal for about a year and a half. My hope was to track God’s thumbprint on my life so I would never miss a blessing or an answered prayer.

But since I have the Blog now I haven’t been keeping up with the written journal which is a shame because the written journal and the Blog are totally different. I didn’t think they would be but they are. You just write differently when you know there is an audience.

It’s different when God is the ONLY audience.

Sometimes I think I need to write in my journal again but then I remember how tired my hand would get and I just forget about it. I think I'll just pray thank you very much.

It was just funny. I was looking back through my journal because I had the idea of posting one of my past entries so you could read what was on my mind say two years ago. Until I read back through my entries and remembered how personal they were.

But what I DID find in my journal was some quotes that I had written down from various books I read about a year ago. These thoughts are in no particular order and they are somewhat disconnected but I found some inspiration in them and I thought you might as well…
  • Every relationship for a Christian is an opportunity to love another person like God loved us.
  • When we define our happiness by some point in the future, it will never arrive.
  • If you really think about it, the need to blurt out our feelings is usually motivated by selfishness, not by a desire to enhance the other person’s life. We want to know if our feelings are reciprocated, and we can’t bear not knowing how the other person feels.
  • Live your life in a way that reflects the changes God has made in you. Don’t live the way you used to live. After all, you are not the person you used to be.
  • Today, you took a step. You either moved closer to or further away from what you hope to be.
  • Every day of your life you go head-to-head with a master strategist. One who hates you. One who is intent on depleting your character of anything that in any way reflects the nature or fingerprint of your Father in heaven.
Oh…but here is the end of my last journal entry on August 15, 2006 (One month after I got back from my mission trip to Bolivia)

The more I stare at the picture from Bolivia on my desk at work the faster I want to get back there and the less interested I become in my job at the Alliance. This can only be explained as a God thing. Who else could take a career path that consumed me for six years and say…“Just drop it?” I just pray daily that God’s will is done and I know that if He needs me in Bolivia He will get me there. Father, lead me to the ministry in Bolivia where I can make a major impact for your kingdom. Show me that there is more to this life than what my culture has conditioned me to think. Enlarge my border and ministry. Send me where you need me the most. Whatever the question is Father…the answer is “yes.”

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